Day Seven – November 1st … Church, Cousins and Parent Group

It’s Sunday… and we find ourselves back on the road headed towards Atown for church once again.  So much has happened in one tiny week.  We are all looking smooth.  I know what you are thinking, “The Lee family, they are a good looking bunch, especially that Mr. Lee.’”  We park next to an old building and get out…. Smiles beginning to form. There they are… Paul and Heidi Bolger, our beloved mentee couple, married about  a year ago that we have just fallen in love with.  To say it was a privilege mentoring them before they tied the knot… is an understatement.  Our hearts will forever be intertwined with theirs as we continue to encourage them in this new life they are beginning…. This life we are fighting for each day as we love each other and seek to serve one another. Paul has a camera and we begin to capture this moment, capture what it means to be family through good times and bad, even when you don’t want to wear those un-comfy pants… “Why can’t I just wear my shorts,” asks our son.

I’m giddy.  It feels like my wedding day smiling but I have this amazing bridal party, this family that God has formed and it feels like it is really taking shape, like this is what it was always suppose to be – My ‘Team Lee.’  Everyone has relaxed and the smiles are easy now, even the kids wanting to take another picture….

The minutes are gone and not wanting to even miss one line of worship music, we head to our treasured church,  ABC.  I’ve been here most of my life pursuing Jesus since 6th grade.  This place means so much to me, so much history, so much of who I am and what I believe about the God of this universe.  We sit in our normal pew, my peeps know where it is and there they are… Bren, Adam, Heidi, Mom and Curt. I’m kinda laughing… the last time the “I need you, oh I need you” song came on I was in tears barely trying to stand, just weeks before. It’s easier now, a joy to sing and oh, so true to my heart. Bob Engel spoke – what an inspiration, living amoungst the urban poor to share Jesus.  I have a feeling we will be going to Newark, NJ someday!

Prayer is hard to understand.  Not sure how it works but prayer is powerful! That verse Philippians 4:6-7, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  The peace of God, which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”  I think the key is Thanksgiving, something I’ve been learning these past few months.  The peace that surpasses all understanding is truly mine. I’ve never experienced this kind of peace before, but I’m convinced it starts with a grateful heart.

We eat New Love tacos – of course we do – they are only here a few times a year and hands down the best. And then it’s time to rest and gear up for the rest of the night.  A nap in my mom’s awesome bed and a swim for Josh… kids get a movie before it’s cousin time with Conner and Dana and we head to Parent Group, it’s like a community group but focused on marriage and parenting with our fearless leaders Rich and De Morey.  We’ve been in this group about two years and just love it so much. Prayer, food and lively conversation about conflict resolution tonight – what a sweet time!

We pick up the kids… they are never ready to leave cousins and besides there are brownies in the oven!  So we just sit with Bren and Adam and soak it all in, all this love and cousin time and thoughts of the future that God has in His hands.  We find a way to get to the car, not sure how we didn’t just sleep on their couch, and make the trek back home.  I’m telling you people, the drive just gets shorter!

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  1. Precious thoughts… thank you for sharing them all with us!

  2. I have been reading your blog and am inspired by your ability to breathe deep while you go through this process. You seem so present, so in the moment, so open and so alive. We are overnighting a CD for you to listen to before your surgery. It is inspiring. I have used it for my surgeries and am convinced it helped with the outcomes and post-surgical healing. Hope you get a chance to listen to it by yourself or with Josh. All of our love and prayers are directed to you.

    Believe as you do!!!!!!!!
    XOXOX, Bobby and Joyce

    1. Loved talking last night Bob… I will be looking forward to the CD for sure. Love you both so much!

      1. Bob, I received the CD, thanks so much i will definitely use it and Josh too!

  3. Denise Sheffield Avatar
    Denise Sheffield

    I know we’ve never met, but I wanted to let you know I’m praying for you and your family. My husband Greg and I attend ABC. I’m in bible study with Jenna Hall on Tuesday mornings and she shared about you, and your need for prayer. I can see by you’re blog, that you’re already feeling supported by the body of Christ!! It’s an amazing thing to experience!! We also, have experienced it recently. You see, our son Kyle was in a car accident on February 14th or last year, and went home to be with Jesus on the following day. We have felt the Lord walk with us every step of the way! God’s people love to care and pray for each other. Please know that He is faithful to walk with you daily. And know there are many people praying who don’t even know you! Praying you know Him in a new way and you feel His presence every moment of everyday!! He is so good!! I’ll be praying for you this week and for you and your family, especially on Friday. He is faithful and trustworthy!!

  4. Dear Wendy,
    As part of this (ABC) family of faith; I pour out my heart and prayers over you and your family.
    As sisters in Christ I lift you up in prayer for strength in his resolve for healing and endurance.
    I pray for Gods blessings in and around you through this journey.
    Just know we are linked in this partnership through our Amazing Lord.
    I asked that God will hold you in his most powerful hands and fill you with a restful, peaceful and calm spirit as he restores you to full wellness and Heath.
    Ephesians 3:20

    Love Pamela Miranda

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