Season One – "100 Mile Walk"

Have you ever been in a spot where everything seemed to be working out just like you always dreamed?  I guess you could call it counting your chickens before they hatch … It’s such a for sure thing in your mind and then it doesn’t work out. This is where Charles is when the storm hits and the wheat crop is ruined. I’m sure he’s thinking about all the work and money he put into the crop and all the things he wanted to do with the earnings, just to see the plan fail drastically. This year has been that way for my family … Taking a leap of faith, encountering huge challenges on the way and then the dreaded realization that we may have made a mistake. Believe me I’ve had my pity party this week, but there comes a time when it has to stop … Who would have guessed that watching a Little House episode would do the trick?

Now don’t get me wrong, I cried my eyes out through this entire episode … It really put my situation into perspective. After all, Charles had to leave his family and find work so they wouldn’t starve that coming winter. My plight is not so bad, just hopes and dreams that cannot be fulfilled at this time. It means pulling myself together, leaving the pity party behind me and moving on, letting go and trusting that God has a plan in it all. God never promises an easy life, in fact he says in John 16:33 “In this life you will have troubles. But take heart, I have overcome the world.” So I’ve resolved to stop wishing things were different, instead what can I do to make them different?

At the opening of this episode, Charles is walking through the wheat field so happy and thankful. He looks up and says, “Thank you Lord!” How often do we thank God when everything is going our way? But do we thank him the same when our lives are far from ideal? If He knows what is best for us, why is it so hard to trust that the hard times are in his plan?  Charles is not happy as the hail is beating down his crop but he knows it won’t do any good to complain and feel sorry for himself.  Sometimes life seems as hard as a 100 mile walk, but what choice do you have but to start walking?

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  1. Thanks again, Wendy, for your lovely perspective😘 I’d love to ‘walk’ a little with you through this time-next week?

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