Serving Up Joy

When times are tough and hope is running on empty, coming together is the perfect recipe. How to give hope to the hopeless? Take what you’ve got, do something. Make soup, and you serve up joy.

Help Not Anger

Words are powerful—spoken or typed—they spread quickly and can take out reputations and friendships in one fell swoop. If our only response to mean comments is judgment and a quick stab back into cyberspace, then our relational fires will be blazing hot and hard to contain. There is a better way.

He Collects Our Tears

How do we move on after a panic attack? That’s the golden question, or is it? The real question is not how to move on, but what is at the root of the panic attack and how to shift your reaction to a healthier alternative. Read on to discover the three questions to ask yourself after a panic attack.

The Big Red Barn

We all get overwhelmed when life fills up quicker than we anticipated. How can we stay level-headed and stop feeling overwhelmed? And can the people around us help?

Falling Prey to False Guilt

Of all the advice I’ve received over the years encouraging me to never forget my dad while letting go of false guilt, none has been as impactful as the words of Charles Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie. His wise words are for us all.

Polishing Slides

Ever polished a slide with Pledge furniture wax? My grandpa, the king of fun did it all the time. Fun is contagious when you surround yourself with grateful, kind, and loving people.

Serve God Serve Others

My first part-time job at The Plump Chicken was a lesson in humility. I didn't have much joy until I changed my perspective on what humility accomplishes in those who are willing to embrace it.

Fear or Faith

Is your toddler-turned-teenager still trying to work out the kinks? Yep, mine too. We are navigating strong opinions, icy glares, and disrespect. Raising a teenager requires faith, not fear.

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