But first, what’s a launch team anyway?

A Launch Team is a group of wildly dedicated people who are excited to promote an upcoming book. I believe everyone has a superpower to offer this launch team, what’s yours?

What are the responsibilities of the launch team?

  1. Preorder a copy of Red Tail Feathers. This makes you a verified buyer, which means your review will be legit on Amazon. As a member of Wendi’s launch team, you will have access to an advanced reading digital copy of Red Tail Feathers. Way before the book is released.
  2. After the book releases, I’m asking you to submit a review on Amazon and Goodreads.
  3. I can’t launch Red Tail Feathers without your help, but you will have a few responsibilities beyond purchasing the book and submitting a review. Your job is to spread the word through social media, in-person, and other methods of communication so that Red Tail Feathers is a smashing success.
  4. Commit to the launch team window. One month before the release and one month after. So that’s July 13th – September 13th.

What are the perks of joining Wendi’s launch team?

  • Join a group of people who are committed to spreading the message of Red Tail Feathers… that’s the biggest perk of all.
  • Read the book before release day.
  • And… we will have tons of fun along the way, brainstorming new ideas and celebrating the wins over Zoom. I’ll be communicating with the launch team via email and will supply you with all the necessary graphics and posts.
  • Upon completion of the launch team period, every launch team member will earn a thank you bonus pack. I’ll also be awarding weekly prizes to super-engaged launch team members.

Do you want to be part of Wendi’s launch team?

I’ll be accepting no more than 100 launch team members. Please fill out the application to be considered. Thanks so much!