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Little House on the Prairie evokes different things in all of us. For me, it was the first four years of my childhood on the set. But then after the show ended, I was like all of you. A fan watching the reruns night after night!

Then I became a parent and watched the show with my children. The lessons and values on Little House have shaped the way I interact with my kiddos. And it seems that every episode brings tears of laughter or heartache, sometimes both in one episode.


After brain surgery in 2015, my life took a sharp turn and I started living differently. The tumor had made me weak, but God was my strength. He is stronger than I ever imagined–has made me braver than I ever thought I could be. Brave enough to share my lifetime of stories with you!

A Prairie Devotional is a collection of stories, much like the stories Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote in her children’s books and similar to what the writers and producers of the television series Little House on the Prairie hoped to tell—stories about the ups and downs of life, the joys and sorrows that we all encounter.


One of my greatest blessings was being cast as Baby Grace, but I’ve also experienced worry, fear, growing up in a broken home, rejection, and comparison. I’ve grieved through loss and health issues. Through it all, my faith in God has helped me overcome the challenges of life.

My hope in writing this devotional is to encourage and inspire people to live the way Charles and Caroline Ingalls lived—devoted to their faith in God, love for their family, and to spread kindness to the people around them.

A Prairie Devotional is set to be released August 2019 with Thomas Nelson Publishing. It’s available for pre-order on Amazon!


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