From the actress who starred as “Baby Grace” on the beloved series Little House on the Prairie comes an uplifting memoir about finding the grace of God in every chapter of life. With candor and insight, Wendi Lou Lee takes us through her early days in show business to life-changing events of adulthood, including her brain surgery in 2015. Starting with a red-tailed bird camouflaged by a shrub, Red Tail Feathers traces Wendi’s reflective journey of discovering God’s grace in all of life’s circumstances and challenges you to do the same.

Red Tail Feathers reminds us to keep our eyes wide open so we can recognize God’s goodness as we dare to discover the beauty of grace around us. When we do, He exceeds our most wild and simple dreams.

Within these pages are stories of joy and heartache, fear and triumph, doubt and strength, each story a testament of faith that helped the Ingalls family–and our family–navigate life’s challenges.

Wendi Lou Lee