Season One – "For The Love of Johnny Johnson"

I remember my first real crush … Unlike Laura I didn’t tell a soul, probably because I was too afraid of being rejected.  I was one who admired from afar, wishing in my heart to be noticed. While I never jumped in the creek so I could wear my Sunday dress to school … I did do other ridiculous things to try and win the heart of that boy.  To my dismay, I slowly began to realize that my twin sister Brenda was my main competition.

Oh how I wish that I had the boldness of Laura … Not that it worked out for her, but at least she had the confidence to make a move.  I just cried my eyes out, gave up and became even more insecure.  Of course now it’s all in the past and I’d never want that silly boy in my life anyway, but the journey of being an identical twin was hard on me, is hard on me still.

I can’t tell you how many people ask me if I like being a twin, that they have always dreamed of being a twin.  I must say it is an amazing bond that is remarkable and I cherish it.  On the other hand, it’s really hard too.  Constant comparison in grades, sports, looks, achievements, friends, and boyfriends nearly took over my entire 4 years of high school.

The quote of the episode comes from Ma … “You mustn’t be afraid to hurt, because that is part of life. Hurt is something you measure happiness by.  It’s like valleys and mountain peaks, without them both the world would be flat and uninteresting.”  We all know this is true, but often I think I could do without the valleys of life just fine.  But without the valleys I wouldn’t be stronger, I wouldn’t be wiser, and I wouldn’t be as grateful for the mountain peaks!

It wasn’t until I went away to college that anyone knew me as just Wendi.  It was the first time I wasn’t living in someone else’s shadow and it gave me confidence.  I have to laugh hearing Caroline giving Laura advice … “If I waited for him I might never find out.”  I too had to take the first step and ask my future husband on our first date.  I finally had the courage to take a risk and go for it … Maybe inspiration from Laura and “For the love of Johnny Johnson.”




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  1. Regina Flores Allen Avatar
    Regina Flores Allen

    Life Lessons from your career as a child,,I myself learned so much from the Ingalls.I felt like I was one of them.I truly disciplined,and loved,and defended and provided,and protected my children just like they did,I had to be both which was hard but I did it.I learned so much watching that program as a child and continued and still do.I have some of the boxed sets and I eventually want them all.I’m a Gigi now and still single so my money goes toward the grandchildren,but if I have a little extra I buy a set..I cherish Little House on the Prairie and every single person that made it come alive…

  2. Curt Juchniewicz Avatar
    Curt Juchniewicz


    Many words of wisdom in this piece. I am impressed and also very proud of you.

    Your third earthly father,



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