Season One – "Ma's Holiday"

Are you like Ma? You want to go away on a romantic trip with your hubby or a weekend away with your girlfriends but it’s too hard to leave the kiddos.  Or you are so excited to go, but then once you are there you can’t even enjoy it because you are worried about every little detail back at home?  Do you find yourself constantly texting and sending videos to the kids, checking in on what they had for dinner …  you aren’t really getting your holiday right?

Yes the children will survive … Even with the likes of Mr. Edwards nailing your 3 year old to the roof and serving up rattlesnake stew for dinner.  It’s not that Caroline thought the worse would happen… she just had a hard time not being in control.  As wives and mothers we have such a huge job that it can be challenging to let someone else take care of it, even if for just a few days.

I am a bit of a control freak when it comes down to handling my home, we all have a certain way we do things.  In the past it has been hard to let that all go and really get a holiday … Not just from doing it all but even thinking about it. This is where Ma went wrong!  She couldn’t stop thinking about all the things that needed to be done … And that is what they are, just things to do, things that stress us out and fill our days with worry, even when we aren’t even home to do them.

I can’t complain … I’ve had my share of amazing getaways with Josh, my super handsome hubby!  Most of the time his parents take the kids, sending us off to some fabulous place to relax and enjoy each other.  I really want to be fully present wherever I am, enjoying all the blessings that God has given me to enjoy. I may never have this chance again … to live every day to the fullest.  So go ahead take a Ma holiday and make it better than your first honeymoon!

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  1. Jackie Juchniewicz Avatar
    Jackie Juchniewicz

    Real good insight. I just left my dog at the kennel and worried a bit about her on our dog-free camping trip!

    1. I worry about Mo when we leave too. Our babies include our furry ones as well.

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