Season One – "The Award"

We all make mistakes, we all do things we wish we hadn’t done.  We hide in our shame and regret, hoping we won’t be found out. The crazy thing is that we almost always get caught.  What about the times we are tempted to make a decision that we know is wrong, but choose wisely?  This is when it’s good to be discovered, to take a deep breath knowing it was the right decision.

As a mother, I’m constantly catching my kids in the very act … I’m either proud of them or maybe a little disappointed. I have a decision to make, it is a big one because it will affect how they view themselves and their actions in the future. Caroline was such a fabulous mom … her arms wide open, running towards Mary. No words, just the total embrace of love.

This is how I picture the Father with his arms open to the prodigal son.  We’ve been going through a series called Prodigal God at church. Sounds backwards but prodigal means extravagant or excessive, usually in regards to the wayward son. But here’s the spin on it, God is the Father who is extravagant in his love, excessive in his grace for us. Ready to forgive and welcome us with open arms, running to us even. Ohh how I want that to be me with my precious kids, to have extravagant love, excessive grace. May it be so in me Lord.

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