Season One – "Christmas At Plum Creek"

Every Christmas we watch the two Little House Christmas episodes, it’s become a tradition.  This year we had a dear family over to watch with us, which was a real treat!  I cannot make it through this episode without longing for the simple days of Christmas.  I laugh at the Ingalls all in the mercantile, tiptoeing around trying to figure out what to get each other.  If only Christmas could be this simple right?  One store to shop, decorate the tree on Christmas Eve, shoot the turkey and make some pies.  Each member of the family, doing what they can to show the great love they have for each other, for the Ingalls it meant sacrifice and creativity and a lot of work.

Over the years we have simplified Christmas, trying to keep it true and pure in all that it should be.  But it is easy to get caught up in all the hype and gifts and internet ordering and lose sight of the ultimate reason to celebrate.  I love how Carrie gets it, spends her only penny on a present for Baby Jesus.  It’s his birthday after all!!  The innocent, searching eyes of Carrie … looking up at the star, like it’s the only thing that really matters.  God willing to come down to earth to be with us, in the most humble form because he loves us!  I never want to lose sight of this, never stop lifting my eyes up to see the star of Christmas as the one thing that it’s really all about.

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  1. Michelle Carlson Avatar
    Michelle Carlson

    Love this reminder of Carrie, yes sometimes the youngest among us really get it!
    I love how your family tradition of the 5 gifts is simplicity. I think you should get a little personal and share this and what it has meant to your kids and yourself! Josh has been so wonderfully simple all these years… a true inspiration he is!

    1. Thanks Michelle, yes the devo will definitely have a quote from this episode… and I’ll share more on a deeper level.

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