Join me for Day 1 of Daily Devotionals with Wendi during our COVID-19 Shelter at Home. Every morning at 9am I'll announce the episode, watch it and bust out a devotional for you! Enjoy.

A Prairie Devotional—Available Now!

I’ve been carrying around book postcards for nearly five months. Handing them out to fans and friends. If you know my mom or mother-in-law, they possibly gave out more than I did. The words on the card “Available August 2019” felt as though they would never become a reality. But, as they always do, the…

Times Are Changing – The Carter Family Moves In

The first episode of season nine said everything that Michael Landon wanted to say. It’s hard to leave something you love, something that feels like home. But times are changing. We take a deep breath and whisper our goodbyes through teary eyes. Goodbye to Pa playing the fiddle and Laura coming down the stairs from…

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