A Calming Voice

The MRI tube. We don’t like each other much. It’s nothing personal, just not a fun place for me to hang out. I'm waiting for the calming voice of my favorite radiology tech--Dan. But today, I'm on my own. What will you do when the familiar voice, the one you rely on isn't around?

Help Not Anger

Words are powerful—spoken or typed—they spread quickly and can take out reputations and friendships in one fell swoop. If our only response to mean comments is judgment and a quick stab back into cyberspace, then our relational fires will be blazing hot and hard to contain. There is a better way.

He Collects Our Tears

How do we move on after a panic attack? That’s the golden question, or is it? The real question is not how to move on, but what is at the root of the panic attack and how to shift your reaction to a healthier alternative. Read on to discover the three questions to ask yourself after a panic attack.

Out of the Loft

There’s nothing like a dose of hard work for someone else to realign our perspectives. As a mother, it’s as good as gold to see our children give up their time, and sometimes money, to serve people. I’ve had one of those golden months watching my kids work hard at my grandmother’s house. There’s a…

Just Be You

Deciding that I didn't measure up started at a very young age. My twin sister and I had matching faces, but this single experience revealed our unique personalities. You may of heard this story before, lucky you, I’m going to tell it again. My insightful first-grade teacher told our class of six-year-olds to draw the…

The Remedy

Prayer is medicine. A balm for our souls. It’s a cure for when pride and ungratefulness begin to rise up. For when unforgiveness has gone too far. Prayer can be a cry for help, an outpouring of thankfulness, a full disclosure of regret, a heart overflowing with devotion. More than anything it’s surrender. Admitting that…

It Begins With A Dream

Every worthwhile dream starts with a dreamer and January is the perfect time to kick off a new dream. Big or small, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that our hearts are free to imagine something more, something different, something truer or purer. Moving out of our comfort zones or moving into what feels more…

When Heaves Comes Too Soon

Loss is always hard to bear. Always. Death is not a welcome visitor, even years later it gnaws at our emotions just thinking of the day. Thinking of our last interactions with a loved one, the last time we uttered the words, “I love you.” Heaven comes too soon it seems. Always too soon. My…

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