Day Five – October 30th … Friday Date Day

IMG_0343  Fridays rock… Kids are at school, my sweetie and I have most of the day to ourselves.  Now sometimes we live it up and sometimes we get sucked into all that has to be done.  This was a little bit of both but a great day!  Kids to school, we headed to work to check in.  That might seem funny, but this incredible place of employment is not only where I work but was the place of Josh’s last 15 years of provision and support.  These people are like family to us!  After lots of hugs, we went to have our wedding rings fixed – something that has been on that list… you know the one that you just don’t get to? A few months ago we had a scare, Josh couldn’t find his ring.  Three days later I found it between the lettuce and carrots in the veggie drawer of the fridge.  My ring, an heirloom from Grandpa Lee, is getting very thin and just needed some reinforcement.  As we sat there, I was reminded of when he first put this gorgeous ring on my finger and I was just so happy that this man is my life-partner.  I would pick no other!  We stopped for lunch downtown and buzzed home to meet the kids.  There was last minute costume alterations to be done, oh Halloween how I love you… not!  After a long nap, we shared dinner with Josh’s parents before winding down for the evening.

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