Day Four – October 29th … The Crashing Waves and my little sis Heidi!


Decision made and feeling good in the morning,  I was ready for a chill day. Precious time with the Lord and a quiet house were true blessings.

Verse for the Day: Make me to know your ways Oh Lord, teach me your paths.  Lead me in your truth and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation, for you I wait all the day long. Psalm 25:4-5

Mama Lee came and we ventured out for a cool drink and a look at the waves before getting to pickup at school so I could talk to Tobey and Raegan’s teachers.  The waves were huge that day just like the waves in my soul, crashing but so powerful and beautiful.  My little sis Heidi joined us and it was so good to be with her for even a few precious moments.

The afternoon brought kids and homework and bickering… some things never change! You could say I was maybe a little overwhelmed by the time Josh arrived home from work, flowers in hand and still no idea what dinner would be.  He swooped in and it all was taken care of….  Friends, please pray for my husband.  He is a saint and is beginning to realize all that I do to keep this house and this family afloat, and that can be very frightening as he treads this new scary water.  Please pray that he would sleep like a rock, somehow have time for himself to exercise and stay sane, and maintain an unexplainable hope and peace.

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  1. Wendi, praying for you as you go down this path. Praying for josh, too.
    You’re verse for today is my life verse, love it!
    We love you! The fapps

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