Day One – October 26th

Monday morning so full of promise, trying to make it as normal as possible, but knowing I should get my MRI results today.  I went to work with my ‘Consider It All Joy Card’ in hand… a few goals for the day but not many. Got a call from my doctor which I took on the Sports Warehouse balcony – crazy place to get this news but that’s where it happened!  Kinda disbelief and relief at the same time – abnormal growth in your brain is always shocking but relief that there was an answer.  It was actually a good place to be, with so many friends and support at this dull job of mine. Hugs, tears, a trip to Starbucks and then I was off to see a neurosurgeon in SLO.  What a dear man! At this point the doctor said brain tumor that needs to get out as soon as possible, blocking my spinal-fluid from flowing.  He wanted to refer me to a Neurosurgeon in Santa Barbara who is a rock-star. My Mama Lee came with me and if you know her, you can imagine the ease she gave me.  What a precious gift she is in my life.  And then we were off to get meds started, get kids to soccer practice and start the calls.


My first breakdown happened picking up meds in CVS when the pharmacist asked if I knew what they were for and she came around to hug me.  After having a headache for nearly two months, I can’t tell you how incredible I felt within hours of starting on the meds – It was unbelievable.  By the time Josh got home from work I was feeling pretty good and it was all beginning.  We told the kids and they took it okay.  Kinda scared with a few direct questions like “Will they shave your head?” asks Raegan, “Are you going to die?” asks Tobey, and last “Can I still have my birthday party?” asks Raegan with her little grin. Overall they are happy that the doctor found something that can be fixed. I woke in the middle of the night and looked in the mirror and said “You have a brain tumor.”  I was laughing inside in total disbelief.

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