Day Six – October 31st Am I Going to Make It?

If you are a soccer family like us, you know that Saturdays can be almost too much to take, let alone when Halloween falls on a Saturday!  We knew it would be a very busy day and from the get-go we planned too much. Two soccer games in the heat, kids trick-o-treating with friends and our Halloween dinner tradition (with Josh’s parents… Nani and Papa) seemed a little daunting.  Both games were hot and both teams lost, but we just needed the right perspective.  There are more important things than soccer and having stud athlete kids…right? I’m just so thankful that God has given me these two precious jewels to raise and love.  After the games, treasured friends whisked the kids to fun. Are we really to that time that they just want to be with their peeps?  We all met back for dinner and relaxed… I even dressed up – this is unheard of – I’m not exactly the Halloween type.  Kids were Chinese warriors or ninjas and I sported a Asian silk robe; so comfy I didn’t want to take it off!  We hit a few houses before it was time for mom to turn in.

IMG_0894     IMG_0895

3 responses to “Day Six – October 31st Am I Going to Make It?”

  1. I love you dearly, my friend, and I will pray for your fervently. I know your strength and that you will make it through this tough journey with grace and the love of those surrounding you. Thank you for having the generosity of spirit to share your journey with us, so that we may pray each day with you. All my love to you. Isaiah 40:31

  2. Praying for you and your family as you walk this road. You can do this….
    But the Lord stood with me & gave me strength. II Timothy 4:17
    Much love…

  3. I remember the day the three of you came home with outfits. All eager and ready. Glad I was able to see you when I did a pop in to see the family for one day!!!

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