Day Eight – November 2nd … Brenda, Rain and My Late Inspiration!


It’s Monday morning again, one week after getting my results and the week has gone so fast… it has been such a journey and such a joy! My plan for the day is to see Brenda again, relax with her at home while the wonderful pouring rain pounds outside, giving so much needed moisture to my dry plants on the deck.  Of course as the kids run up the hill to carpool with Heidi and Colton it really starts coming down, why is it that always happens? We always laugh that as you walk the crosswalk near the playground outside of school, you know the one where the water pools and your socks will get drenched if you don’t jump over it, this is where the downpour almost always ensues.  My little soccer girl has shorts on, well they both do, Tobey too…how else will she run in PE today?  She will be so disappointed if the rain stops PE from happening.

So the drips are outside, I cranked on the heater just a bit, because in Arroyo Grande there is usually just no need for heat or AC most of the year … can I say Paradise! There is a little knock and there she is again, my heart just fills up and her smile is the most comforting thing I can even imagine.  We fold laundry and try to think why we haven’t done this together before, it was so fun and wow does it go fast.  Praise music in the background, we make homemade protein bars and prep the Rice Pudding for the kids special rainy day treat they asked about this morning.

My sisters and I all remember it growing up …  if it was raining at school, especially the first rainy day of the season, we would come home to this special treat sprinkled with a dash of cinnamon.   More laundry, so much laundry, why do we have this many clothes to wash? But thankful we have clothes.  My list gets smaller and my thoughts get more clear as I run a few things by her, as we eat yummy food with the drip drops still outside.  What a perfect stormy day for this!  And then it’s time to tackle just a few errands and yes the rain knows we are coming and it’s showing off, wanting us to experience its’ full power.  Just a few stops, not worth mentioning exactly but us moms just gotta get it all done no matter how unimportant those little things are.

In my quiet God moments this morning I read this verse “Surely just as I have intended so it has happened, and just as I have planned so it will stand.” Isaiah 14:24  I’m nodding my head and thinking I need to read Isaiah again after surgery. I’m amazed how this journey, this trial is opening my eyes to the words of God… I’ve read so many times and now it is all so clear, such inspiration on the page, such life in my bones, such breathe in my lungs.  As I sit here 3:16 in the morning, remembering the day behind me … I have this unbelievable opportunity to share it all with you.  It makes me want to weep at the years of asking God to use me and not having any words to share, maybe not having the confidence to speak.

I have a blogger friend Bekah, she told me once “You should start a blog Wendi!” I nearly laughed out loud.  I’m not a writer, I don’t journal and what would I possibly even write about… the thought was absurd!  But here I sit, words pouring out of me, it’s not even a challenge, in fact if the tender nudging of the Lord didn’t wake me each night … and my small bladder, I would be so bummed to miss this quiet, peaceful time of process and reflection downstairs in the dark.  How did you know Bek? This blog, this journal is giving me so much life, so much purpose and all I can say is that it’s my Late Inspiration.

One small update I’ve got to tell you all about… surgery time has been set and for my prayer warriors out there, this is an important piece of info.  Arrive at Cottage hospital in Santa Barbara at 6:30 Friday morning to check in, a 3-D brain MRI around 8am and then prepped by the anesthesiologist to start surgery around 9:15 am. Surgery will last about 4 hours and I will be in ICU that first night.  We are really praying for a smooth surgery, very steady hands for Dr. Park and a benign tumor with no complications.  Please pray for this my dear friends!

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  1. Hi Wendi

    Hi! Or should I say “ni hao”. I’m in Tianjin, China teaching at a high school. I just want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers on the other side of the world. I’ll have you in mind on Friday and look forward to hearing how well you progress.

    Your Kin


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