Day 13 – November 7th Surgery morning

I just realized this but it is day 13 since I got my results … My favorite number because I’m not superstitious and besides 13 was my Daddy’s sports number and mine too and my birthday!  About an hour ago Josh nudged me and said “I think it’s been more than an hour”, our agreement right before bed last night, the limit to all this writing the night before brain surgery.

Well it all started at about 1:30am and it’s now 5:55am and the wake-up call is in 5 minutes so I gotta make this quick. Grace on the typos please! There was just so much to write and capture and remember and I just don’t want to miss even a single thing. This blog, this writing has given me so much life, so much purpose, so much peace in this journey… Why did I ever think blogging was kinda a waste of time, well maybe good for others but I just didn’t have time for it so I thought. There is always time… this life is nothing but years and days and hours and minutes and seconds for us to embrace and love and share.

Josh’s watch just starting beeping, the wake-up call just rang and there is this most beautiful sunrise outside our window over the water. I just sent Josh out to take pictures on the balcony and then he says I have to stop and get ready. I’m so ready… And not nervous or scared in even the slightest way. This has been a journey of trust and the best experience of my entire life!  Thank you for journeying with me and supporting me so well.  I love you all so much! Now let’s do thing thing! Much love, Wendi Lou



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    Wendi is such an inspiration, and a beautiful example of faith and peace in the Savior’s hands.

  2. Praying for peace, joy, and healing!!!

  3. I am so amazed by your grace and strength! God has a plan for all of us and I see Him working in so many ways in you and your family’s lives. You inspire me! Praying for your surgery and recovery! Love!!!

  4. Heather Gonzalez Avatar
    Heather Gonzalez

    I can hear your voice and see your bright smile as you wrote “Let’s do this”. Praying for you, your husband and sweet children.

  5. Prayer to our Mighty God and great physician for a smooth surgery and healing. God Bless, Diana from Nevada

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