Day 13 – Post-op Experience

I was awakened so abruptly…  just all the sudden I was talking and laughing to my post-op nurse Kelly. The first thing she said was you look exactly like a friend of mine, you could be twins! My response was that’s not possible because I have a twin already. She whipped out her phone to show me anyway, the picture of a girl in a white wedding dress who she said looked just like me, except for the little gap between her teeth.  So Kelly asked about Brenda, my twin, and I started telling her how we played Baby Grace on Little House on the Prairie and how we did one commercial where we played the ‘Cowgirls’ and the other boy set of twins played the ‘Indians.’  It was our only commercial and then we started Kindergarten. I’m on the gurney and she is pushing me out down the hall past the waiting room, where all the fam is … I see all their faces – Curt first… I say “Hi Curt”, then see Mom, Bren and then Jodi and Jen through the glass of the little window. Come to think of it now, where was Josh … probably in the back of everyone, not crowding the view so others would get a good look … my thoughtful man!  I think my words were “This has been the best day of my life!” (Steroids talking)  Everyone was smiling and laughing like they just couldn’t believe their eyes!

Now by this time, Kelly had to move on but I really wanted to tell her the rest of the story. I said “Kelly, you should come by my room tomorrow and we can have coffee and I’ll finish the story.” Her response was that coffee isn’t the best thing after surgery and besides she prefers smoothies, I laughed and said “I’m way more of a smoothie girl too… So let’s do smoothies instead? You have got to hear the rest of this story Kelly!” In my mind it felt like we just had to hang out, besides I had already promised her a fan-mail picture, which I described to her … The one of us in Jack’s doghouse!

Kelly looked at me with the sweetest eyes and said ” Tomorrow you aren’t going to remember any of this Wendi!.” My response was “Kelly,  you will be forever etched in my brain.”  She left and I was really hoping that she would come by, but now knowing what was waiting for me in ICU I get how that would not have been possible…. And besides there’s no way I would remember her anyway…right?  She was such a hoot and I won’t ever forget those short few minutes she woke me up!

Again I know … How am I remembering all this? No idea but the only thing I can imagine is that God wanted me to share this story so He has allowed me to remember.  This is unthinkable!

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  1. Julie Neiggemann Avatar
    Julie Neiggemann

    I have been thinking about you and praying for you daily, Wendi. I have loved reading each of your posts! You and Brenda and Josh are especially on my heart every day. Love you!

  2. Hi Wendi!
    Thank you for for keeping your promise and bringing me a cute fan picture of you and your sister. I’m privilaged and honored to have met and taken care of you. I’m also very impressed how you retained every detail of our conversation and experience in the recovery room, wow!!! I’m bummed I did not get to have that smoothie with you and finish our story, but receiving your picture and letter filled my heart with happiness. Thank you! You are one of a kind, a recovery I will always remember. Boy we laughed a lot! Wishing you great health and happiness always!

    1. Thanks Kelly, yes you were a real important part of my experience. I hope you don’t mind the first chapter of my memoir is when you woke me up. If you’d rather me not use your name I can change it. Many blessings to you!

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