Day 14 – November 7th … A Bath and Killer Food

The rest of the day was a great one … I got my first bath!  I really needed one, it was hard to even bear my own stench… I’ll blame the drugs which had increased odor significantly since beginning to take the steroids after meeting with a Nuerosurgeon in SLO … that first day we found out about the tumor.  Josh got the honors of the first bath … It was kinda funny because I’ve never taken a bath in a hospital before, sitting down with the sprayer nozzle and all. I pretty much drenched him with the wild arm of the shower head … If you know my hubby well you know that he is very particular about things, very type A about cleanliness and order. His best buddy Michael Schanzenbach can attest to it all. In college he was known as “Schaz” and he is Josh’s closest friend.

They have been friends since 2nd grade and played all kinds of sports together and in high school Schaz invited Josh to play in a basketball tournament at their church. This is where Josh first accepted Jesus into his life and Schaz was a big part of that decision, changing his life forever. They were roommates in college and I think that Schaz has a hidden view into how Josh  ticks, they just know each other so well. So Michael is very aware how Josh’s Type A thing goes… It’s not about others, more how he operates within himself …  how he does everything to a T.

So this wet mess spraying water all over was just a little too much for him to handle. I wasn’t trying to get him wet, I promise … but I will say I did get a chuckle seeing him get all riled up, I’m the one who had brain surgery after all… It’s just water!  Now I will say in his defense, I don’t like to get sprayed either or splashed at the pool or cold water splashed on me at the beach. So let’s give this amazing man a break for the whole bath thing!

Our night was awesome more great food from the cafeteria… One of the nurses said the company that does all the food for the hospital is unparalleled. I researched it a little and it’s really a great story … Jordano’s, the food company use to have a local market/grocery store on State Street in 1915. If you have visited Santa Barbara before you know, the food is crazy good!  Anyway this company has been around forever, a family business passed down from father to son again and again. Yes I know what you are thinking do these details really matter… Bear with me it’s a cool story and I get to decide what I write … It’s my blog right?  If you don’t care, you’ll just have to endure it!  In 1925 a 6.8 earthquake hit Santa Barbara and caused lots of damage throughout the city. Frank Jordano, the original owner setup his market on the sidewalk outside his crumbling building for weeks after the quake, still dedicated to the people of Santa Barbara with local fresh food. Jordano’s made it through The Great Depression and World War II and continued to grow and prosper.

In 1999, the wonderful year I got married to the love of my life, Jeff Jordano became the third generation president of Jordano’s. They have since celebrated 100 years in the industry, I’m sure you see those Jordano’s trucks on the freeway all the time!  So all that to say … the food is amazing like ordering from a restaurant every meal and all kinds of choices!  Omelettes, breakfast tacos, parfaits topped with fresh blueberries and slivered almonds … and fresh fruit and smoothies for breakfast, these were my favorites!  For lunch I had chicken enchiladas, spinach salad with grilled salmon, tomato soup and of course my veggies! Dinners were a little different, maybe because by the time it all rolled around I had eaten so much food that my stomach was just too full.  I am also finding that these drugs are … To say it quite honestly … backing me up so dinners weren’t as enjoyable, just too much food to process. As my hubby would say… Too much potty talk, sorry this is brutal honesty friends!

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  1. Wendi, thank you for writing out this journey and sharing with the world what you are going through. Your courage, strength and attitude through all of this is infectious. Keep writing and sharing. Very encouraged by you! Much love.
    Amanda xx

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