Day 14 – November 7th … Josh’s Zzz’s and A Walk With Bren … Not!

I guess I got off on a tangent on the last post … If you aren’t used to that yet, then I’m so sorry but it is kinda part of this whole story. I’m telling what happened but at the same time looking into the deeper meaning of things and sharing my heart with you.

Oh .. and I totally forgot about my Mom and Curt coming by for a visit before they headed home.  It was quick, they were heading to Monterey the next day to see my uncle and the gang running in the race. There was one thing I remember her saying before they left … this takes us to another story from long ago. When Brenda and I were in Kindergarten our teacher asked us to draw the first thing that came to our minds when we thought of the word “high.” What we each drew is a little window into each of our personalities. Brenda drew a sky scraper … Strong and ridged and dependable. I drew a kite … Flighty and easily influenced but at the same time really fun! My mom has reminded us of this story throughout our lives and encouraged me to embrace the unique person God created me to be. She brought up this story again and told me with a smile on her face, ” I think my kite is back!” You see, she felt like I hadn’t quite been myself for the last few years … News flash … This tumor had been growing in my brain for they think probably at least 5 years. She felt I was overwhelmed and stressed and just not the joyful daughter she knew was inside me. So we hugged and told them to enjoy their time with Uncle Jake and wish him a Happy Birthday and they were off. So on to the story of Saturday night!

Let me remind you … Josh is back at the Cottage, a little studio that the hospital provides for family of patients, he is catching some Zzz’s and getting food and relaxing. Meanwhile Bren and I are just hanging and thinking about how our race would have been the next day, how we were missing seeing Uncle Jake and Aunt Pam, and how we were so excited to see our cousin Jamie and her new husband Brian … We hadn’t met him yet, they got married earlier this year and we couldn’t make it out for the wedding. Well our intention was to take a walk to the outdoor courtyard of the hospital, it was a beautiful place with landscape and chairs and a water fountain. The night just got away from us and we had to put it off until tomorrow and try to get some much needed sleep.


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