Day 14 – November 7th … What a long day! Let’s clarify and SLOW down!

Ok folks … I got ahead of myself and I guess forgot when the whole movie thing happened (brain tumor)! The movie happened on Monday … Wow crazy how time can get away from you! How it is even possible that I could think that all that could have happened in one day. Well logic and reasoning have not been at my disposal as of late my friends.

This may be a good time to fill you in on something important that I’ve come to realize since I’ve been home … Something about how I tick. I am a control freak, yes Wendi Lou Lee, concerned about the smallest, silliest things! I like the dishwasher loaded exactly a certain way and laundry folded my way too. Josh may have had some influence on this habit, my all-hang dry man, whose grandfather owned a traditional Chinese Laundry Mat in New York in the 1940’s. I am exact with Tobey and Raegan too … A clean room means everything in its place. Why not is my thinking … For an 11 and 9 year old it doesn’t quite make sense. I also am the worse backseat driver when my hubby is driving, I take charge of all the directions and like to tell him which way is the fastest … Because I always seem to be in a hurry!

My husband on the other hand operates on a different clock, he is so relaxed. This used to bother me … And now I’m learning to embrace it. I want to forever do and be SLOW … For when you slow down and let go, there is so much more to see and people to invest in and a gratefulness in your heart to share how God is working. He is always working if we would just “slow down”.

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