August 30th- The Burn

I never thought the burning in my lungs was something I would miss … In the past it has meant I was avoiding the trails, but this last weekend it meant I am finally cleared to be back on the trail!  It’s not that I wanted to run so badly, but when you aren’t cleared medically to do something you used to do with ease, it’s the one thing I’ve been dreaming about.

I came back to reality when Sunday night I was hurting… Like every muscle, tendon and ligament screaming at me. Friends, I did not overdo it … I think a snail could have crossed the finish line before me. It has just been a really long time that my body exerted that kind of energy. It felt good … and strange, in my mind like I never stopped training for that half marathon that took place the weekend of my surgery but my body felt so awkward like I’d never ran before.

So needless to say my scan came back good once again … Praise be to Jesus the healer of my brain!  Next scan in 6 months and back to full activity … burn baby burn!

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  1. Praising and thanking our Jehovah Rapha with you Wendi!!!! So happy for you!

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