Minutes Counting Down

It’s July 29th. I’ve had an amazing summer with my family.  We saw Tahoe in June, the mountains covered in snow. We’ve seen a volunteer spaghetti squash plant explode out by the barn and walked Mo, our 6 month Bernedoodle, all over our little town. We’ve slept in and ran on the beach, we’ve pulled weeds and seen friends. I’ve traveled to Costa Rica, serving the people of Talamanca and learned to cook killer food, Tico style. I saw a wild sloth in the jungle, I think I could learn a thing or two about slowing down from that amazing little critter. We hugged Tobey goodbye as he took his first trip as a camper to Hume Lake.

And then I’ve been writing… and writing and writing. Not chapters, those come easy. This is the proposal, basically convincing an agent and a publisher that they should take a leap of faith and publish my book. The first plans of my self-given deadline passed in June and now August 1st is quickly approaching. There’s something about two half-grown kids at home that makes getting anything done a challenge. The hope was to submit my proposal and sample chapters to the four interested agents I met at the Mount Hermon Writer’s Conference.  I have exactly two and a half days to wrap it all up, present this dream of mine into a pretty little package.

It’s scary… and exciting all at the same time. And I second guess myself, my motives and how exactly God would want me to go about it… what’s the best way to make His name known. So thank you for letting me take a break from marketing plan ideas and my list of potential endorsers to just write what’s in my heart. And wish me luck to make my deadline this time, the minutes are counting down.

Would you do me a favor? Share with me your thoughts on the books you read. Do you find yourself more drawn to memoir or a Christian living book? Baby Grace is on the fence between these two genres, I’d love your input.


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  1. Michelle Carlson Avatar
    Michelle Carlson

    A memoir … plus sneak peeks into how you live and have learned from this Christian life. You really do live it with “Grace”. So many Christian living books out there… God placed you as Grace for a time such as this, just my opinion!
    So excited for the process and all that has come so far!
    God’s goodness abounds!

    1. You are always such an encouragement to me and pushing me to dream big dreams. Thanks Michelle!

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