They are everywhere and they are in places that we would never imagine to find them.


I find them in the ocean blue sky, the waves crashing and the sound of leaves crackling underfoot. I find them in the laughter and excitement of my kiddos around the dinner table. And there they are in fabulous people as I work and as I play.


But blessings can also be found in the dark. Blessings appear in the heartaches of life.


They are the very things that bring us to the spot of surrender, to a place where we can do nothing but bend our knees.  It feels terrible in the moment. But later it proves to be the biggest blessing of all. Trust me, the light will come and you will smile bigger than you have ever smiled and laugh harder than you have ever laughed. You’ll snort you are laughing so hard!


Faithful readers and precious friends, thank you for journeying with me for the last two years. Your love and support have helped me recover and dream and live a fuller life than I have ever lived.

If you haven’t visited my new website, please do. And tell me what you think.

Re-branding can be a challenge so I hope you continue to follow my journey of trusting where God is taking me. My new blog….  Little Blessings on the Prairie will encompass it all, the good times and the not-so-good times… because they are all a blessing.

You may ask why? Well that is very exciting news… the Little House Devotional I have been working on is in the very beginning stages of the publishing process. Pray for me as I begin this new chapter. And if you think someone would be encouraged by this post please share it.


Much love,



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  1. this is super exciting! i LOVE how the Lord takes those deep and often scary valleys and canyons of life and brings us up onto His mountaintop. how horrible in the moment (or in the years) but ultimately a tool for blessing. i don’t think any experience God allows is ever wasted…and here you are, taking childhood memories and combining them with adult challenges to reach a wide and wonderful audience with His love and hope. AWESOME!

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