Waiting, why is it so hard to do?

I’ve been waiting all month, for a call or an email with some kind of news. I was waiting to write this post, thinking I’d be able to announce the good news. I’m at this point where I could care less if it’s good news or bad news. The unknown is a frightening place to be. We don’t know how to keep living as we wait for an answer.

I have a friend who is waiting on doctors. And another who is waiting for a tumor to grow, hoping the wait will be long and slow. My teenage son can’t wait for the weekend so he can sleep in and I find myself waiting, hoping that my wildest dreams will come true.

Waiting isn’t something we do until we get what we want. It’s part of becoming what God wants us to be.  How is it that George Macdonald always hits it square on the head?

He may delay because it would not be safe to give us at once what we ask: we are not ready for it. To give ere we could truly receive, would be to destroy the very heart and hope of prayer, to cease to be our Father. The delay itself may work to bring us nearer to our help, to increase the desire, perfect the prayer, and ripen the receptive condition.- George Macdonald

So whatever you are waiting for, know that the wait is necessary. It may be the one thing that brings us closer to the God who holds all of our waiting in His hands. Keep hoping, keep praying, keep believing that it will come … even if it is in it’s own sweet time!


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  1. Love this. I’ve been Waiting five years for healing, thanks for sharing.

  2. Praying for you. I am a huge Little House fan. I stumbled across your site and am looking forward to reading more of your blog.

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