Season One – “Doctor’s Lady”

This is one of my favorite episodes, mostly because I have always felt bad for Dr. Baker. He works so hard taking care of the people of Walnut Grove, he’s a servant to say the least… getting paid with chickens and grain. There are countless episodes where the doctor is up all night with a patient. He put his dream of a family aside, to care for the town.

I love that the audience gets to see into Dr. Baker’s heart. He is more than just a doctor, he is a man with hopes and dreams outside of his occupation. His face appears to be younger, his eyes brighter after meeting Kate. A special lady can do that to a man who has been giving his whole life. It’s the first time he has hoped to have something for himself. The quote that speaks to me is this…

“For the first time in my life, I feel alive.”

I know that feeling. Do you? When you can’t stop smiling and the joy inside feels like it might burst out of your skin. Nothing can take your heart out of the clouds, it’s ready to make a home up there. It’s hard to explain if you’ve never felt this way, but if you have you know exactly what I’m talking about. Maybe it’s good news that put your heart in this overflowing pool of gratitude. Or a new opportunity or the miracle of a new life… or the miracle of a saved life.

A few years ago, I had this feeling when I opened my eyes after brain surgery. As my bed rolled out of the operating room, I emerged with a new story of God’s abundant faithfulness, of His undeserving goodness. I had energy bubbling out of me that a seven-year-old boy couldn’t match. I was loud and excited and dripping with hope. Not to mention a fair share of painkillers to ease the discomfort. But as the meds wore off, the joy did not.

Not only was I alive, but for the first time I knew that God had given me a story of His everlasting love. A story that I can’t help but share, because it is just too glorious not to. And don’t you think Jesus wants us to live this way? With this excitement for life, for the story He has given each one of us to tell.

If you aren’t feeling so alive at the moment or maybe it feels like you are in a desert place, take heart and hold on just a little bit longer. The Lord’s refreshing waters are soon to be discovered. Keep seeking His face, he will strengthen you.

And if you are riding on the clouds… thank God every chance you have and tell someone how you got there.

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