Wishing on a star or a weed can be a scary thing to do. If we make a wish and it never comes true, feelings of failure set in. But oh the joy when our wishing comes true, it’s worth the risk every time. I’ve been wishing for over two years and today one of my dreams came true. I am pleased to announce that Thomas Nelson will be publishing my first book … Through the Eyes of Grace: A Little House Devotional.

Thomas Nelson is hoping to release the devotional next summer and I am writing like a mad-woman to meet my deadline this September. The devotional is based on quotes from the show, gleaning wisdom from all our favorite characters from the television series Little House on the Prairie.


I am over the moon excited and grateful that God has given me the chance to share His beautiful story of love and hope and peace through the joys and sorrows of my life. Friends, please pray for me as I write and follow the Lord’s direction to what comes next.

And I have one thing for you to do. Think of your favorite Little House quote and send it to me… maybe it will make the cut and be included in my book. Email your submission to If your quote gets chosen an autographed picture of Baby Grace will be headed your way!

You are my family, my friends, and the fans I adore. Thank you for making one of my greatest wishes finally come true.  Wendi Lou





  1. Charles to Albert in “Darkness is my Friend”: “Son, one day you’ll get married and have children. Don’t ever cook for them… When children misbehave, you send them to bed without supper. Your children will probably think it’s a reward.”


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