And The Winner Is…


In my house quotes are always being thrown around. My husband loves to share bits of what he’s been reading with us at the dinner table and the door to my daughter’s room is covered with drawings paired with inspiring quotes. My son quotes lines from songs or movies, inserting our dog’s name Mo into various spots to make us laugh. Honestly, it is the funniest thing ever!


We try to fill the house with encouraging words like the painting that sits on our mantle. More than anything else, I find myself quoting dialogue from Little House on the Prairie episodes. They are so applicable to parenting and relationships and just about every typical family interaction that happens in my home.


Writing a devotional based on quotes from Little House on the Prairie has been a fabulous experience. The best part was watching all the episodes again, collecting quotes from all my favorite characters. Thank you my sweet friends for collecting quotes with me and sharing your favorites. I have loved reading all your entries and laughed along with you. It was a hard decision but I finally narrowed it down to two winners.


While all the quotes were wonderful I had to find specific quotes that would be appropriate for a devotional. That eliminated most of the quotes from Mrs. Oleson and Mr. Edwards … sorry!! I think my favorite funny quote that was shared had to be from Mr. Edwards talking about Mrs. Oleson. “She’s got a face that’d make a train take a dirt road.” Honestly I don’t remember this quote, but I’ve got to go back and watch the episode to hear it in context. Obviously I couldn’t use this quote for the devotional but it did give me quite a chuckle.


The two quotes I chose will both be featured in my upcoming devotional, expected to be released next summer. I’m so excited I can barely contain myself.

And the winners are…

The first quote is from my Facebook friend Jessie Jo. Congratulations!! “I wonder how much of our lives are spent worrying about things that just don’t mean anything.” I love this quote, I could repeat it to myself almost Every. Single. Day. Can’t wait for you all to read the story… it’s really powerful.

The second quote is from my Facebook friend Theresa Ignizio Militello. Yippee!!  “I’m a farmer and I love it. I’m a father and I love it. And best of all I’m married to Caroline Ingalls and I love her.” This quote is all about contentment, Charles Ingalls was a great example for all of us.


I will be messaging Jessie Jo and Theresa Ignizio Militello privately to send the photos out this week. Thank you all for your entries. It was so fun… I can’t help but feel that we should do it again before the devotional is released. Let me know if you would contribute to another quote contest by subscribing to my website and leaving me a message in my Let’s Connect page. Sorry if any of you missed the contest this time around, I’ll be sure to post at the beginning and end of the next quote contest… I’m thinking in November!!

Thank you dear friends and have a wonderful night!


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