New Giveaway for November

Hello friends.

It’s November and I promised you another giveaway. Last time Jessie Jo and Theresa Ignizio Militello won for their awesome quotes. I’ll give you a little insider information… both of these quotes will be featured in my devotional coming out August 2019!!

This month we will do it all over again, but with a few guidelines to make it easier. I was plumb worn-out last time jumping from all different social media platforms. I’ve got kids and a puppy people, time is precious. So here’s the deal…

#1 Visit — please follow if you’d like to receive my updates and blog posts. It is not necessary to win, but I’ll love you for it! And it’s the easiest way to find out about future giveaways!

#2 The theme is Grateful and Thankful. Find a Little House quote that fills you with thankfulness or demonstrates how gratefulness was being embraced. I’ve expanded the theme because it appears to be difficult for some of you. Let’s include anything Fall… so crops, harvest, eating, or family! Think Harvest of Friends, The 100 Mile Walk, or maybe even Barn Burner!!

#3 Go to the Let’s Connect page on my site and write me a message with your submission. Some quotes speak for themselves, others need some explanations. And can you include the name of the episode? Thanks and Yes I will write back to each and every one of you!!

#4 Share this post on any and all of your social media platforms or specifically to your Little House loving family and friends. The more submissions, the more winners. I’d love to announce 1-2 quotes this time around and send you a beautiful signed photo of Baby Grace. And don’t forget to like my Facebook page–Wendi Turnbaugh as Baby Grace– it is where I interact daily with all of you!!

#5 Get your submissions in by Thanksgiving Night!!

Let’s be Grateful and Thankful this November.

Much love, Wendi Lou

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