Puppy Love

It’s February, and love is in the air!

Puppy love, that is.

Our adorable Bernedoodle Mo just had her first litter of puppies on Monday. I am as giddy as a grandmother, anxiously awaiting our first visit on Sunday afternoon.


I never really thought about it, but being a grandmother is a strange thing. If I am THIS excited about Mo and her puppies… what will it be like to have actual human grandchildren? I’ve been showing off pictures and posting to Instagram.

Nine puppies… can you believe it?


Aren’t they adorable?

Do you see the two with the white tip on the end of their tails?

And what about the one that’s all black, except it’s little chin?

I can’t wait to hold each and every one of them. To snuggle and inspect all their markings. I’m so proud of Mo and the nine little creatures she brought into this world. Each, so unique!

How do I stop thinking about Mo and her pups? Should I drop everything and just drive the hour north to sit with them all day? Tobey and Raegan would kill me.

As a real grandmother, I imagine myself being very respectful of my children and their spouses. Never overstepping their boundaries and always offering to help when they have babies. But will I want to gobble them up… like I want to gobble up these puppies? It’s the funniest feeling, and honestly I’m a bit worried about the future.

For those of you who have grandchildren, what is it like? How do you find a balance between thinking about them all day and still going on with your life that doesn’t involve them? What are the greatest joys? And what’s heartbreaking for you?Teach me my friends–I’m going to need help nativating the road towards grandmothering. I’m a dog grandma–yes, but preparing for the real deal can never start too soon!

Drooling over puppy pictures here,


**Interested in Mo’s puppies… visit Gail’s Doodles.

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  1. I am a long distance Grandma (a/k/a Mama D) to 2 beautiful girls and 2 handsome boys. I always say I think I was born to be the best Mom that I could be. I think I succeeded. My daughter teaches history in Alabama. Her husband (originally from TX) took a great job in AL and also took my daughter with him. My granddaughter is all that I could ever dream she’d be. Her brothers live in TX but we are blessed to see them every summer. My son works for the Department of Homeland Security and his job took him to MD. He and his wife blessed us with our 2nd granddaughter almost 2 years ago. I love each and every one of my grandchildren with all my heart. They all have me wrapped around their finger. I never thought both of my children would move away, but life has a way of doing what is best for them/us. I went through a very difficult adjustment time but learned to make the best of being a long distance grandma. I cherish each and every second of time that I get to spend with them. Believe me when I tell you this Wendi, you will experience a love like no other once you have a grandchild. I love when you said about not overstepping your boundaries. I am very much the same way. Grandchildren are God’s greatest gift and I thank Him daily!!

  2. Dear Wendi, these pups are adorable. As a grandparent, loving God first and keeping Him first in our hearts helps us be good to our family members in every situation. You’ll be a great grandmother. 🙂
    Blessings ~ Wendy Mac

    1. I was blessed 32 years ago when I became a mom. My husband and I had just the one child. He was my world. My son had two sons( he was never married) although I can’t was very disappointed when he told me he was gonna be a dad, I love my grandsons to pieces. Three years ago my son pasted away very unexpected and that pain will never go away,i have his children to help carry on. You will be a great grandma. I know this because I see you have a great heart.,

      1. Hugs. Your grandchildren are especially blessed to have your love in their hearts and lives.

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