Long Gone Love

After a full month of love posts, I want to talk to those of you who feel that love has been taken away. Maybe due to a broken relationship or even death.

It can be difficult to see people around you in love. Everyone seems to be enjoying the love of their families, while your heart is breaking. Whether relationally or physically, the sting of death hurts. It doesn’t matter if it’s been ten minutes or ten years, we can’t just get over it.

Our love quote contest winner hit this chord perfectly with her beautiful quote from Be My Friend – Season Four, Episode 17. This quote gives hope to those of us who have lost love. It isn’t a quote featured in A Prairie Devotional, but it could have been.

“I knew I’d never see my Grace again and my life would never be the same for I had learned what it is to love a baby—all because of a bottle that floated down a creek and into my heart. I pray that one day I’ll have a baby of my own. My very own.”

–Laura Ingalls

Lori will be receiving an autographed photo of Baby Grace for her winning quote! Thank you all for the wonderful entries.

Loss is all around us. That will never change, but I’m challenged to keep loving, keep celebrating that love—even when it seems to be long gone.

Yesterday we celebrated my stepdad’s 70th birthday. He’s been gone for 12 years now. German chocolate cake with coconut-pecan frosting graced our table. I make it every year on February 28th to celebrate my dad.

His all-time favorite.

I was even tempted to light a candle. Not because I think he’ll come back from the dead to blow it out, but because candles symbolize celebration. Remembering the man who raised me and my sisters is worth celebrating. Thanking God for bringing Lanny into our lives will always be a part of this very special day!

What long-gone love are you celebrating? And how?

Keep loving. Keep celebrating.

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  1. Am so thankful to have stumbled upon this site! What a blessing! Can’t wait to read through more of the posts. Blessings! <3

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