The Weeds Have To Go

April is here, spring has sprung!

Everywhere I look buds are coming out of hiding, and bright orange poppies line my old country road. My jasmine bush, in the corner of our deck, has exploded with beautiful white flowers. The scent is sweet and light. Everything I want to be.

I have this deep desire to surround myself with spring’s beauty, but then I look down from the deck at my planters—full of weeds. Almost two feet tall, the weeds are reaching for the sweetness of the jasmine blooms. Months of drippy days, with me all cozy by the fire, has transformed itself into more of a mess than I can handle.

The weeds have to go.

It’s the same in our own lives. Before our relationships can flourish, we have to clean out the muck—the resentment, our unforgiving hearts, the lies we keep believing… the sin that so easily entangles (Hebrews 12:1).

Lies are similar to weeds, you have to clear them out if you want beauty to take root.

To put it simply—it’s a Spring Cleaning of our hearts. Like Ma sweeping the whole house with her straw broom. With a white handkerchief knotted under her loose bun.  

Clean it all. No matter how long it takes. All the dirt, weeds, and lies.

Create a new, clean heart within me. Fill me with pure thoughts and holy desires, ready to please you. May you never reject me! May you never take from me your sacred Spirit! Let my passion for life be restored, tasting joy in every breakthrough you bring to me. Hold me close to you with a willing spirit that obeys whatever you say.    

Psalm 51:10-12 TPT

A new clean heart… tasting joy in every breakthrough. That sounds like beauty.

My personal prayer, and I’m praying it for you too.

God… do your work in me. Strip away all the muck, all the trash my mind focuses on, all the lies I believe about myself and about others. Clean my heart, rid my life of useless weeds so that beauty can take root. So that poppies fill my borders, and the scent of jasmine fills my life.

Have you been believing lies, telling yourself lies, living lies?
Let’s do a little Spring Cleaning together. In our hearts, relationships, and for goodness sake… our planters!

What beautiful blooms are you hoping to uncover?

Much Love,

Wendi Lou

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  1. Live your blog’s and your Thursday videos,all though most of the time I have to watch at a later time. Your words if wisdom mean so very much to me.

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