Oh, What Love

I’ve been talking about lies all month—how they are overtaking my planters and my mind, how they affect my relationships and how I view myself—hopefully you are sick of hearing about lies and ready to do something about them, like I am.

The only way to combat lies is with the truth. And so, this Good Friday, I challenge you to let Jesus be a beam of light for you, the truth that changes everything.

He demonstrated on the cross how false the lies really are—those lies we repeat in our minds saying we aren’t good enough or smart enough or brave enough. Oh, how we have been tricked into believing them. For far too long.

The lies aren’t true. Because of Jesus we don’t have to be good enough or smart enough or brave enough. We are enough because He said so. He loves us and accepts us completely. Even when I’m a mess.

The cross is the greatest act of love. By the One who is LOVE.

And how could He love us more.

When we accept His gift of love, the lies don’t magically disappear—at least they didn’t for me. But I am learning to stand up to the lies. To rely on God’s strength and not my own. As I replace the lies with truth, their grip is growing weaker.

The truth changes everything, and even what looks ugly—like death—is made beautiful because of His love.

Happy Easter, my friends.

As you visit with family members and search for eggs, remember that God is for you, He loves you, and He has a job for you to do!

Much Love,

Wendi Lou

2 responses to “Oh, What Love”

  1. Excellent article Wendi, and so heart lifting! You have a wonderful gift! Thank you for sharing! Be blessed today!

    Vikki 🙂

  2. Wendi. I just have to tell you that when I hear you speak, it brightens my day and makes me refocus on the positive side. Having many life changing issues stresses me sometimes. But just listening to you is like listening to a long lost friend. Thank you for that. Much love, Melissa Yon

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