Radames Pera

It’s not every day that you connect with someone on a deep level. Both people have to be willing and in the mood, so to speak—but I’m not talking about anything romantic. This is about connecting with a person, maybe someone you don’t know well but after the interaction you have this learned sense of appreciation for them.

You have to be in the right place at the right time, emotionally and physically. Most often, it happens spur of the moment because deep connection usually can’t be planned or forced.

Over twelve years ago, I had the privilege of attending a Little House event in Beatrice, Nebraska. It was a crazy weekend traveling with the cast in an old motor home, literally across the prairie. I was especially excited to meet Radames Pera for the first time.

The event weekend exceeded my every expectation—signing autographs, posing for pictures with little girls in bonnets, and of course hanging with the cast. But my biggest treat came when I least expected it. On the plane ride home.

Surprisingly, Radames and I boarded the same plane out of Nebraska. We found a seat together and had the best conversation. He asked questions that most people don’t ask. He sought to understand me and challenge the way I viewed myself. It was a gift.

And ever since then, Radames has a special place in my heart. We are deep friends who aren’t afraid to ask profound questions. The best questions don’t require answers. The magic is in the asking. In the seeking.

Do you have a Radames in your life? Someone who asks great questions? Maybe you are that kind of person for someone else. If that is the case, well done my friends.

The countdown to the reunion continues and I couldn’t be more pleased to spend the week highlighting Radames Pera—John Sanderson Jr. on LHOP. He’s been living in France the last few years, so I am especially excited to give him a big hug this July. I hope you caught my live video all about Radames yesterday. If not you can watch it here.

Much Love,

Wendi Lou

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