Humble Confidence – Hersha Parady

Yesterday, in my live video about Hersha Parady, we talked about her spirited personality and humble attitude. The character of Alice Garvey is strong, loyal, and feisty… just like Hersha.

I love how Hersha is comfortable in her own skin. She rocks her own style of living without looking around to see what others are doing. She accepts the good and the bad parts of life. Celebrating when it’s time to celebrate and trying to learn from the challenges that come up unexpectedly. Hersha lives with humble confidence.

Hersha with me and my sister, Brenda, in Tombstone, AZ – 2005.

When I’m around Hersha it’s easy to see how free she is. Free to be her crazy, sassy self. She knows her limits and doesn’t get down on herself. I have so much to learn from Hersha.

Throughout this book writing journey, I’ve gone back and forth. Free to be me and then worried if I’m going to measure up to other’s opinions.

Am I smart enough?

 Do I know enough of the Bible to even write a devotional?

What if people don’t like it?

This whole book business has me doubting myself. My abilities. Doubting what God has called me to do.

There’s a story about Peter’s doubting in Luke 5. He had been fishing all night and caught nothing. The nets had been cleaned because they were done for the day… apparently the best fishing happened at night.

So, Jesus climbs into Peter’s boat and begins teaching the crowd of people. When he finishes speaking he tells Peter, “Let down your nets for a catch.” Can you imagine the thoughts going through Peter’s mind?

Really Jesus? I’ve been fishing all night and caught nothing. The fish don’t bite during the day and besides I’m exhausted.

I can imagine Peter sighing a huge breath of doubt. “Master, we toiled all night and took nothing! But at your word I will let down the nets.” He took a step of faith, even in the midst of doubt. Even when it didn’t make any sense.

In the same way, I have doubts. My mile-long list of doubts have kept me from taking a step of faith. Until two years ago when Jesus asked me to write a devotional.

Did it make sense? No.

Was I qualified? No again.

God doesn’t need anything but our willingness to take the first step.

Faith is the action behind belief, it requires us to start with one step of confidence. One step of trusting that God could come through.  Without Peter agreeing to let down the nets, the fish would have never come.

Without me walking in faith through this book journey, it never would have been published. As I slowly take a step of faith, God infuses my heart with confidence. Not confidence in myself, but confidence to do what God has asked me to do.

Hersha Parady—an example of humble confidence. Knowing what your purpose is and confidently walking in it.

What is God asking you to do with humble confidence? Take the first step and let His confidence infuse your heart.

Much Love,

Wendi Lou

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  1. frederic lemaire Avatar
    frederic lemaire

    great report on Hersha thank you

  2. Jilliann Woods Avatar
    Jilliann Woods

    Hi Wendy, I am nodding in agreement with everything you shared in this post. It is timely for me, doubt has a way of invading and then inviting discouragement to come along. Thanks for your words of encouragement and the beautiful reminder of why we writers of faith are on the journey….

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