Dean Butler—Knowing the Real “Me”

Typically, I’m not concerned with what people think about me. I can let criticism bounce off, shrug my shoulders, and move on. But that hasn’t always been true.

I lived most of my life worried about being accepted and fitting in. Saying the wrong thing or offending someone with my opinion wasn’t a risk I would take. I’m often blunt, but not confrontational.

When I found out about the tumor in my brain and started writing, I had to change my mindset. The words that came out of my heart had to be true to what I believed about God and the world. Writing had to be genuine. It had to be vulnerable. I had to stop searching for the “right” words and simply write what was true to me.

People find honesty and vulnerability refreshing. Even inspirational.

After speaking in Missouri at a tiny little church. Dean Butler gave me a huge hug. He has always supported my endeavors, but this was different. This was Dean knowing the real “me” for the first time. He found my story inspirational. To hear those words meant so much to me.

Confidence comes springing forth when we are accepted for exactly who we are. Dean’s words sent me soaring and filled my heart with bravery. Reminding me that all we can be is ourselves. Let’s fully embrace what each of us brings to this world. And how we can share our lives with others.

My book is almost out, and most of my influencer team has read it cover to cover. I’m discovering that what people want more than anything else is authenticity. They don’t even have to agree with what I’m saying. They just want real stories about the real me.

Do you share real stories with the people around? The real you?

Much Love,

Wendi Lou

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  1. Margaret Teague Avatar
    Margaret Teague

    It was an honor to meet you in Marshfield. Missouri. Looking forward to your book. ♥️

  2. Hi Wendi

    Hum come your sister Brenda Lee isn’t going to be at Little House on the Praire cast reunion July 2019. I wanted to see her.



  3. A beautiful post, Wendi! Blessings, sweet lady! Glad you’re you and that you’re willing to be real. It’s what the world needs. Can’t wait until the book arrives! Blessings! <3

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