Alison Arngrim—What You Least Expect

Imagine Nellie Oleson and Grace Ingalls being friends? It’s unthinkable. Sometimes God orchestrates what you least expect.

Back on the set, I didn’t have any direct interactions with Alison. By the time I was walking, Alison was driving. If Baby Grace happened to be sitting in the restaurant while Ma cooked, Nellie might walk in, but those scenes were filmed separately.

This last April in Missouri, I had a blast with Dean, Alison, and Charlotte. Sharing a bathroom with Alison took our friendship to another level.

People ask me all the time—what’s it like being friends with Alison Arngrim?

She has more energy than anyone I know… until it’s gone.

We would arrive back to our host home after a full day of interviews and meeting fans and signing autographs. Alison would disappear into her room—exhausted. She’d fall asleep for 4-6 hours and then wake up like the energizer bunny.

The last night in Missouri, my daughter Raegan and I were packing up our bags in preparation for our early morning flight. We were just about to head to bed when Alison emerged from her bedroom with all kinds of crazy energy.

I’ve learned that Little House events are not about catching up on sleep. Every minute with the cast is precious. We weren’t about to miss hanging out with Alison.

She had all kinds of book advice for me. Giving pointers on marketing, and sharing the experiences of launching her book. One thing stuck with me more than anything else.

She said, “Things will happen that you least expect. People you thought for sure would support you, don’t. And those you never expected will be your biggest cheerleaders.”

Spot on.

Her words have helped me to keep chasing after my dreams. To gratefully accept support from those around me, and let go of expectations. Thanks to Alison, disappointment isn’t getting me down.

If you are in a season of dream chasing—or any season at all—what expectations do you need to let go of?

Reunion weekend is almost here. Grab your bonnet and meet us in Walnut Grove!

Much Love,

Wendi Lou

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  1. Any chance to bring Little House back, Showing the children growing up and moving back home. I know a lot of people would love this.

  2. Hi Wendi… I always love reading your blog and always feel blessed after reading your stuff. This posting about Alison, made me laugh out loud because listening to Alison’s podcasts when I can… having read her book, reading her Facebook stuff, etc… She is genuinely a unique spirit soul who knows how to radiate out to others and the Vibes that come from her… Well they just radiate. I’m glad you had the opportunity to share precious time with her and the others in Missouri. Again, Blessed Are You 😁💜🙏

  3. You are such an inspiration to me and others. I love your pod cast and Thursday day live videos. Although because of work it seems I’m watching at a later time.. I absolutely love little house and watch it every day for three hours!!

  4. Wendi: Like you, I am a brain surgery survivor. Unlike you, I suspect My surgeries (ten in all, between 1971 and 1999, were, first, to implant the shunt (I had been in a coma and the insertion of the first shunt was necessary to
    lower the pressure on my brain, so they could retrieve me.
    Two and one half years later I had outgrown my first shunt and, because it came out, I lapsed into what became a five-day coma. 23 years and eight months would pass before that shunt broke, causing me to go into a 52 hour coma,
    My third shunt was bad and, because that had to be repaired, I ended up in a six-week coma and, according to my wife, had one brain surgery, weekly.

    I hope that, like me, you’re able to astonish your doctors.
    I mean, in 1998, I saw the doctor who said he didn’t expect me to live overnight
    and his chin dropped, when he realized that half-dead 10-year old was a fully alive 37-year old man.
    I hope you’ll be able to astonish your own doctor in this way.

    Gary Frazier
    LHotP fan

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