What an absolutely gorgeous day on the Central Coast of California! Most of our state is on fire, but we are doing just fine here.

Every Friday, I shoot for paddle-boarding at the beach… as long as a friend can go with me to help haul my ginormous board down the steep rocky trail. (Btw… Thanks Dena.)

I was driving home and just had to stop.

I’m blown away at the beauty. The way that God “gets up” each morning and decides what He will paint across the sky for me to enjoy or experience.

For sure, there are hard days—when the cloudy skies seem as if they will never part. The disappointments, fractured relationships, bad-health news. Regret over what we can’t undo.

And then… the sun rises over a new day with bright possibilities and so much hope. So much beauty and unexplainable joy over the fact that He loves us and with Him all things are possible.

Whether your skies are bright blue or maybe dark and stormy, remember that God loves you so very much!

The sun will come out again my friends,


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  1. You are an amazing person and GOD has brought you far in your walk with HIM. So proud of you and always loved LHOP and you were awesome…loved when you guys fell asleep at the tables! 😉 Praying for you to get closer and be a huge witness to Hollywood for our JESUS! Luv-luv-luv you! 🙂


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