Season 6, Episode 24, “He Love Me, He Loves Me Not”


Enduring The Wait

“If I have to wait two years or twenty, I’ll wait.”

–Almanzo Wilder

Patient endurance is a difficult lesson to learn. Circumstances beyond our control often bring our plans to an abrupt stop. In the moment, patience can be a challenge but God strengthens us we wait on Him.

Almanzo loved Laura, he didn’t want to wait two years to get married but her Pa wouldn’t budge. It took moving to Sleepy Eye and a bout with pneumonia to change Almanzo’s perspective. After that his passionate heart was willing to endure the wait.

Since COVID-19 has shut down life as we know it, there’s been a whole lot of waiting going on. Literally every event on our calendars has been cancelled or postponed. We are asked to sit tight and wait this thing out like many of us have never experienced before.

Some events will be rescheduled like weddings and baby showers, but many will not. It’s okay to grieve the loss of those celebrations, to acknowledge that sometimes in the waiting we are going to miss out on long-awaited festivities. I’m sad thinking of the high school seniors who won’t walk in their graduation ceremonies and the mothers laboring alone in delivery rooms all over the world. And yet, God has not stopped working.

Like Almanzo, we will find the strength to endure the wait. We look around at what we’ve been given, thank God for every day we wake up breathing. While we wait and pray for the virus to end quickly, God is taking our disappointments and turning them into opportunities to trust Him. Trust for today gives us hope for tomorrow.

Verses to Ponder

Here’s what I’ve learned through it all: Don’t give up; don’t be impatient; be entwined as one with the Lord. Be brave and courageous, and never lose hope. Yes, keep on waiting—for he will never disappoint you! Psalm 27:14 TPT

But those who wait for Yahweh’s grace will experience divine strength. They will rise up on soaring wings and fly like eagles, run their race without growing weary, and walk through life without giving up. Isaiah 40:31 TPT

Questions to Act On

What have you missed out on during COVID-19? How is God working in you during the waiting?

Much Love,


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