Declarations of Love

Growing up, my family had the concept of “love in action” dialed in. My mom drove us places, surprised us with rice pudding on rainy days, and always proofread my essays and stories for English class.

My step-dad worked a job he didn’t love to provide for our family, he never missed our sporting events, and took us house-boating every summer.

Love was displayed through sacrifice and service and time together, but rarely spoken.

I didn’t really learn about sharing my feelings until I started dating—what a mess. I didn’t know a thing about declaring my love to someone, or what it would feel like to have my heart broken.

The most miraculous thing is that once we start vocalizing our feelings, it just gets easier—at least it did for me. And then, we have the amazing opportunity to communicate that love through word and deed.

Some of us are heavy on the words, others have the action mastered. For me, word and deed are equal partners in a strong relationship. I need to give both to keep the connection alive, especially with my kids. The action part is easier to accomplish; it takes time, but not as much intentionality. The more I say I love you out loud, the more they say it back and hopefully the more comfortable it becomes.

Yesterday, on my live video, I demonstrated the ultimate love gift from my family—their love in deed form. The Miroco Milk Frother was the perfect illustration and with so many of you asking for a link, I have no choice but to share it and how much you all mean to mean.

It’s funny, even love gifts can be used to share more love. I get a surge of love every time I pull the gadget out of the cupboard, I can whip up some frothy milk for my son’s hot chocolate, and even use it to encourage you to love in word and deed.

Which aspect of love comes more naturally to you?

And how are you going to strengthen your love muscle this week?

Keep loving,


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