Flying High

There are those flying high moments in life—falling in love, fulfilling a dream, conquering a goal, crossing the finish line. It’s almost too much to take in, too unbelievable to comprehend.

When Dr. Baker fell in love with Kate, his heart was in the clouds. He’d never been happier; his response was gratefulness mixed with a dose of humility. It’s a beautiful thing to see, when someone doesn’t cling to what they deserve but instead expresses thanksgiving for the chance to experience that level of joy. Even for a short time.

I’ve had a few of those flying high moments in life. I’d like to think that my response has even a sliver of Dr. Baker’s attitude of gratefulness, with a sprinkling of humility. Knowing that what we deserve is far less than what God so graciously gives us, we thank Him and tell the world of His goodness. It’s what I strive to do with every post, every video, every interaction with all of you.

“Oh thank God—he’s so good! His love never runs out. All of you set free by God, tell the world! Tell how he freed you from oppression, then rounded you up from all over the place, from the four winds, from the seven seas.”

Psalms 107:1-3 MSG

We won’t always be in that space, but when you find yourself up in the clouds, what are you compelled to do? How does your heart respond?

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