High and Lows

We’ve all got them, various landscapes in this thing called life. Ups and downs, mountain peaks and deep dark valleys. There’s some short stretches of flat prairie-land, times when the seasons just rolled on by without us even noticing.

What I’ve found over the last few years is that I am all about the ups and downs. I thrive in the highest peaks and the lowest valleys. My light shines the brightest and my faith grows the deepest when I’m white-knuckled and holding on for dear life.

The roller-coasters of life don’t scare me, it’s the long flat days that go on forever, where I question my purpose and wonder what God will do next. Will He invite me to join Him, or will I be forced to continue in the monotony of routine existence?

If I look back and take inventory, make a list of all my greatest joys and saddest sorrows, the scale would likely even out. I truly believe what I said in chapter seven of A Prairie Devotional.

Every hurt is a valley resting in the shadows of a great mountain peak.

Wendi Lou Lee

We can bank on the ebb and flow, it’s as natural as the ocean tides. God controls every wave that crashes on the shore, every white-water emergency rushing into our lives, every perfect swell of ocean-riding joy.

It’s life—beautifully hard and ridiculously epic.

Embrace every last bit of it. The highs, the lows, and even the uneventful yet necessary flat-lands.

Photo by LECHAT Valentin on Unsplash

Do it while you still have the chance.


How does this resonate with you?

Would you choose the highs and lows or do you prefer the flat prairie-land?

One response to “High and Lows”

  1. The lows give us the opportunity to grab Jesus’ hand and climb up the mountain to experience the highs…and because we are stronger, I hope the lows don’t ever go as low. I don’t want to be afraid to get to the top, because I know another low ( or a prairie ) is coming – but I want to hold tight to Jesus and C L I M B ! Thank you Wendi for continuing to remind me I’m not alone on my journey.

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