Joy Will Follow

Jealousy is a monster. It’s green with envy, forever hungry for more. And it’s addictive, especially in our tech-savvy world.

No longer is jealousy a face-to-face reality, it lives in our back pockets. It has devoured so many moments of joy, so many days and weeks and years in an endless game of comparison, always looking around instead of looking up and thanking God for His glorious gifts.

I was a professional at the game for too many years, jealous habits have a way of becoming second nature. But then five years ago, I woke up from brain surgery and said “No more.”

I was done with all that nonsense, done looking at everyone else’s life and wanting what they had. What if instead I focused on my own life and did everything in my power to make it the best life I could live? To make the most impact possible, to love people more and stop weighing my accomplishments.

I slip off the wagon from time to time, it’s bound to happen while scrolling Instagram. But every time that yucky feeling rears its head, tempting me to sulk and compare, I slay the dragon of jealousy with an exercise of gratitude and the Word of God.

Rattling off every blessing in the book usually puts my perspective back in order, puts jealousy and its devious inventor back where they belong.

Satan is a killjoy and if we aren’t careful, he’ll turn us into one too.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

John 10:10 NIV

Live it up my friends. Every moment, exploding with joy as you keep your gaze inward and on the One who loves you. Joy will follow.


This conversation started after reading Chapter 8 – Joy Will Follow, on my FB Live. Join me next Tuesday morning at 9am Pacific for Chapter 9 as we talk about the power of words.

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