Questioning God

I’ve been reading through the Psalms for months now. One song a day—sometimes lament and sometimes praise.

The honest pleadings of real people, with real problems, it’s just what my heart needs. It gives me permission to feel all the feels, to voice all the questions stirring in my soul, and cry all the tears when there’s nothing else to do.

Yesterday, I landed on Psalm 90 and this idea of questioning God showed up in verse 13.

Return O Lord! How long? Have pity on your servants.

Psalm 90:13

It made me stop and laugh… that’s what I do when Scripture or a newfound quote lines up so perfectly with life that you can’t believe it was written hundreds or thousands of years ago.

The question of 2020, and likely 2021… How long?

How long will all this last?

How long will my kids be learning from home?

How long will we cover up our smiles?

How long before at-risk people are safe again?

How long will we worship in parking lots instead of pews?

How long will we stand in line, six feet apart, forever?

How long, Lord?

Mr. Edwards questioned God. He questioned why his family had to die. I’m not thinking his question ever got answered. Maybe it didn’t have to be answered, but something in Isaiah’s heart had to ask.

If you’ve got questions for God, go right ahead. Ask Him. He is bigger than our questions, bigger than our troubles. He can take our honest pleadings; in fact, he welcomes them.

And somehow, the simple act of articulating our questions to the God of the universe makes a difference. It helps us loosen our grip and start trusting Him to lead the way.


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