Out of the Loft

There’s nothing like a dose of hard work for someone else to realign our perspectives. As a mother, it’s as good as gold to see our children give up their time, and sometimes money, to serve people.

I’ve had one of those golden months watching my kids work hard at my grandmother’s house. There’s a ton to do before putting the house on the market, they stepped up to help without a complaint—even Tobey was willing to take the weekend off work to spend it ripping out carpet and old flooring, going to the dump, and moving furniture. Who ever said that teenagers are self-absorbed? Maybe the key is service.

When we serve others, we don’t have time to focus on ourselves. Our problems don’t feel so big when we are tackling someone else’s problems. Whatever loss or heartache you are going through, maybe a form of serving might help take the sting away. Getting off our sofas (or out of the loft) and working on our knees does something to us. Something deep inside. Something we could never accomplish without service.

Jesus is our perfect example, coming to seek and to save the lost through selfless servitude. Even the king of kings is willing to serve, what about us.

How can you serve someone today?

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