Shortcuts Don’t Cut It

The day I took a shortcut didn’t end up the way I thought it would. The path that veered away from the well-worn trail on our way back from Ke’e Beach came to a dead-end. I realized pretty quick that the long, yet reliable road is usually best.

Most of the time, shortcuts don’t pay off, but instead they reveal our desire to cut corners. To save time and money. To show off. Sometimes it’s because of pure laziness.

When tempted in the wilderness, Jesus was offered shortcuts to glory. Satan is the king of instant gratification; his offers resemble God’s promises at first, but then require a shortcut. The true King didn’t fall for his nonsense and neither should we.

Jesus knew that the long hard road to the cross would be worth it.

Shortcuts with God

When it comes to our relationship with God, shortcuts don’t cut it. It takes time and commitment to build a relationship with anyone, God included. The long yet reliable road to intimacy with God is worth every minute.

There are tons of resources available to help build intimacy with God. Check out this article on by Nylse Esahc outlining four paths you can take to go deeper in your faith.

For those of you who need some accountability, consider joining me in 2021 as I listen to the entire Bible using the Bible Project Reading Plan on the YouVersion Bible App. Over 350 folks have joined me and my BIG-time Grace Private Group on Facebook. Will you join us?

Day by day, we are learning about God—from Genesis to Revelation. Dedicating time in God’s Word is the first step to building a relationship with Him. It will be a sacrifice but fear not God is full of grace, and so is this group.

Will it take time? You bet.

Will it battle against our laziness? Absolutely.

Dig into God’s Word, with us or on your own. You won’t regret it. Point yourself in the right direction and you’ll never need to take a shortcut again. The result of a long hard road of discipline is beautiful whether it takes you to Ke’e Beach or not.

If you missed me reading and talking about chapter 27, Long Yet Reliable, from A Prairie Devotional, here’s the Live Video available on youTube.

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