Serve God Serve Others

My first part-time job at The Plump Chicken was a lesson in humility. I didn't have much joy until I changed my perspective on what humility accomplishes in those who are willing to embrace it.

Fear or Faith

Is your toddler-turned-teenager still trying to work out the kinks? Yep, mine too. We are navigating strong opinions, icy glares, and disrespect. Raising a teenager requires faith, not fear.

Running Your Race

Have you ever been in full stride, working towards a goal, when something happened to stop you in your tracks? The races we run sometimes change without warning. It’s like God pulling a switch-a-roo and sending us in a new direction. Running the race of faith is full of surprises. My surprise came when a brain tumor showed up just thirteen days before I was to run a half marathon.

Shortcuts Don’t Cut It

When it comes to our relationship with God, shortcuts don’t cut it. It takes time and commitment to build a relationship with anyone, God included. The long yet reliable road to intimacy with God is worth every minute.

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