Fear or Faith

Is your toddler-turned-teenager still trying to work out the kinks? Yep, mine too. We are navigating strong opinions, icy glares, and disrespect. It took me off guard at first. Tears flowed, and then I got mad. Mad that the peace of our home hinges on one person’s attitude. Raising a teenager requires faith, not fear.

When family life turns sour, my dramatic imagination runs wild. It plays out the worst-case scenario—a non-functioning adult and a severed relationship for the rest of eternity. Fear can send us parents into a tailspin of anxiety, but there is a better way.

Believing and claiming what is true crushes worthless fear.

  • Believe that God gave authority to parents on purpose.
  • Believe that growth is taking place with every delivered consequence.
  • Believe that God is in control of our children’s future.
  • Believe that the relationship will get better with time.

Asking for advice from trusted friends and mentors, those who have swam through these rough waters before us, has been invaluable. Their stories have given me hope and… a few chuckles. Enjoy this meme that someone shared with me this week.

I raise my bonnet to all parents out there who are enduring the challenges of raising teenagers. I’m in the thick of it with you. It’s not an easy job, but with our feet firmly planted in what we know is true we will survive, maybe even learn a bit about ourselves in the process.

While I started crying and worrying, my husband started researching. He’s good like that. As most of you know, we are way into the Enneagram these days. Do you know how your Enneagram number affects your parenting? Check out this article to find out.

When it comes to parenting, the faith over fear equation is guiding every step I take. Join me as we surrender our teenagers to the One who loves them more than we ever could. Maybe you know a parent struggling with this very thing. Encourage them with a parenting story of your own, it’s good to know we aren’t alone. I’d love to hear it and I’m sure they would too!

And if you missed the live video about chapter 30 of A Prairie Devotional, Fear or Faith—the time I lost my toddler at the beach—then give it a listen on my YouTube Channel. Boy have times changed for me in the parenting department, but living by faith is still the answer.

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