Polishing Slides

One of my favorite childhood memories is how my grandpa Gordy took us kids to the park. He didn’t bring snacks or hand sanitizer, what he brought was a can of Pledge. It may sound ridiculous and maybe even a bit crazy, but sometimes that’s the magic of having fun.

Cherry Blossom Festival 2021

There’s nothing like getting on a plane and spending the weekend with Alison Arngrim (Nellie Oleson) and Charlotte Stewart (Miss Beadle) at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Marshfield, Missouri. Where is Marshfield? Exactly. It’s barely on the map. But oh what a weekend it was!

The Cherry Blossom Festival 2021 Little House Gang

The stories, the laughter, the food. It’s what my soul needed… and I didn’t even know it!

I love that my Little House family can turn anything into a good time. Fun is contagious when you surround yourself with grateful, kind, and loving people. And that is what they are.

Go Have Some Fun

Now that the world is opening up again, go have some fun. Of course, be smart and be respectful of others. Do what you need to do to stay safe and keep others safe. And for heaven’s sake, bring along the sanitizer my grandpa left at home.

Let’s make the slides of life as fun as they can be.

The Pledge is optional.

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  1. It’s exactly what my soul needed too, Wendi. ❤

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